Deanna Manastyrski

Certified Reflexologist

192 Saturna Drive

Qualicum Beach, BC

[email protected]


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What is Reflexology...

Reflexology is a gentle pressure point massage of the over 7000 nerve endings in your feet.

This technique stimulates pressure sensors, triggering a relaxation response throughout the body.  Specific thumb and finger techniques are applied to reflex points that correspond to the organs, glans and body systems.  Reflexology encourages good health, relaxation, easing pain, preventing disease and improving quality of life.


                        60 Minute Reflexology:                                                 $70.00

                    30 Minute Reflexology:                                                $35.00

                    Children Under 15 - 30 Minute Reflexology:            $35.00

                    Travel to Your Location Add:                                       $ 5.00

                    (Within Qualicum Beach and Parksville)

Hours of Operation:

Monday - Friday      9:00 am - 5:00 pm

 Evening and Weekend Appointments are Available

What My Clients Have Experienced...

- With one treatment I can feel the bottom of my feet again after     20 years !  Now I come monthly to maintain.

- I came in with a migraine that I had for 3 days and left feeling       great!

- My feet have always been cold and I've slept with socks on for       years.  After a couple of treatments, my feet are warm and no       socks at bedtime any longer.

- I've had stomach issues for years and after one treatment I felt       so much better.  I continue monthly maintenance and these         issues are all but a memory.

- My 9 year old couldn't settle to go to sleep at night and stay          asleep.  After one treatment he now goes to sleep and stays            asleep!

- My sciatica has been bothering me for months.  After one              treatment, I'm feeling better than ever!

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